RhythmGame - App

Yet another rhythm tap game?

Yes, but this RhythmGame like no other. Only real rhythms from all over the world straight out of our PercussionTutor app are included. Game-play should be obvious 30 seconds into the game. Take a look at the screenshots.

You can buy the optional in-app purchase to unlock all levels and help us expand to other cultures: India, North Africa, the Middle East, the World! Or keep on playing for free by unlocking level after level.

What you will get

  • Authentic rhythms from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil and West Africa.
  • Real percussion instruments with high quality samples.
  • A deeper understanding of groove & pulse in different musical styles.
  • Gentle feedback

What you won’t get

  • Instant gratification (except during the first levels).
  • Sterile beats out of a dead plastic box although we dig all kinds of electronic music so we added one level for now.
  • 3D graphics, virtual reality and full sensory deprivation except if you try to play a clave for several hours WITHOUT any variation.
  • Groovy Zombies.
  • The guarantee to become a better drummer, guitar player, bass player in less than an hour, a day, a week or a year. Sorry it takes a lifetime for all of us.
  • GIFs of cats & kittens but this one is on the top of our list.