Creature Pulse

Tapping to the beat?#

To get this blog started let’s add another animal to the ever growing collection of beasts that can keep the beat. The jury is still out on a definite answer for the beat detection abilities of this zebra fish but the scans seem promising except if these are flaring pain receptors:

Zebra Fish Scan

The most famous example of an animals that seem to be able to detect and keep the beat are Snowball the parrot and Ronan the sea lion who share a similar taste in music:

Meter and Pulse perception#

Studies1 on the rhythmic cognition in humans and animals explore the ability to extract regular information from a continuous stream of information (pulse perception) and to order them hierarchically (meter perception).

  1. e.g. Fitch, W. (2013). Rhythmic cognition in humans and animals: distinguishing meter and pulse perception. Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 7, 68 - PMC3813894 ↩︎