Read Me First

I decided to not let 🦠 put me down by going back to school. This is the companion blog for my Jazz MA research at the Maastricht Academy of Music (Zuyd University of Applied Sciences). It also contains posts related to the courses I’m attending since September 2021 at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam on “Applications of Karnatic Rhythm to Western Music”.

The posts are loosely ordered by date of creation and the easiest way to find your way around is to use the # tags identical to the tags on the bottom of every page.

I’ll consider the the 2 meanings of visualisation, a “formation of mental visual images” and “the act or process of interpreting in visual terms or of putting into visible form”.

The definition of complex rhythms is very also very large and encompasses odd meters polyrhythms, polymeter and metric modulations as well as concepts such as morphing on the frontier of groove perception and performing.