Teaching Improvisation#

In Jazz and to some extend also in pop music there is a gap in the teaching of improvisation between the methods used as well as the context in which the lessons take place and the real life situation of an improvising musician interacting with fellows. While fundamentals and rudiments of improvisation can be thought it is diffult to place the student in an authentic situation. There is no way around “getting out there” and playing live (TK ref. being there).

(TK what is improvisation quotes).

Nonetheless tools have been created to make up for. From Jamey Aebersold methods to more recent computer based tools. Band in the box being one of the most. These can all be labeled as playback machines.

To make an original statement about technology and music is a challenge.

Master Thesis Research#

My advanced teaching skills research is directly linked to my master research. Here I try to consider randomness in the context of composing and publishing music that rely on adaptive, generative and random elements. Some parts will crosslink between ATS and thesis on this website.

TK use experi on perc. tutor interakt

TK Not limit myself jazz idiom and style

TK exclude AI gen music etc! BECUASE realtime performance!